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One of the most common questions Astrologers get asked is: What are _____ (fill in the blank with a zodiac sign) like in bed? Not only is the answer complicated by the zodia sign of the person who asks the question but it is also complicated because sex - the activity, thoughts of and emotions attached - are subject to change... the change that occurs as the planets orbit and change their position in relation to the Earth and the native under discussion. 

Read on if you are ready to learn about how your Mr Aries is going to be influenced this year when it comes to sex matters... you might want to miss this out as it could be exactly what you don't want to hear... such people should pop off now and go and read a mainstream sell out Astrologer.

Aries Men in Bed in 2012 | An Overview

Some years sex can dominate an Aries man’s life but this is not going to be one of those years. Is it any wonder given the goings on with Uranus? It is not that the partners of Aries men will have to live without sex completely – apart from a spat in July/August that is – and there will be some good times (by that we mean mind blowing) but this is not a vintage sex year.

Sleeping with Mr Autopilot

Judging by the travels of Mars throughout 2012 the libido of Aries men is not going to be that strong in 2012. Partners will think they are sharing their beds with an automaton from January up until June. It will be emotionless and on a par with an oil change – necessary but unpleasurable. There might be some respite from this feeling in July but it could be that the automaton is replaced by a monk and you’ll be wishing for the return of the robotic man who at least ran like clockwork despite the complete lack of emotion.

Still, for those of you who are convinced that sex is the best aspect of life there will be a season you might want to prepare for and make hay while the sun shines (particularly you Venus – Taurus and Libra – partners of Aries men). This is the time when you’ll want to be on holiday or, better still, honeymoon. The haymaking season (so to speak) begins 09 October and lasts until 17 November.

After 17 November it will be the dutiful session (if your Aries man is the dutiful type but many are too immature to be dutiful… so none for you then…) Ah well, it is lucky you love him... or you don't!

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